Singing Slovenia 2018

SINGING SLOVENIA - May 2018 - a tour with singing visiting several places in Slovenia, meeting local singers and choirs, short walks, comfortable half board accommodation, meals, transport within Slovenia - doesn't include budget airline tickets which you purchase separately. Singers will join us from our local choirs and from further afield.


My love of Slovenia started when Sedbergh, the town where I live, became twinned with Zrece in Slovenia. The BBC made a film about it: "The town that wants a twin" showing how the policman stayed with our policeman, the baker with the baker, the post mistress with our postie - and of course the singers sang with ours.

Since we were twinned in 2005 we have had over 30 exchanges between singers - and also with town bands, school students, football teams and soon even a Bridge card playing society with ours in Sedbergh.

You can read about the twinning exchanges on - look under music for the singing exchanges organised by Lakeland Voice - or join us on any of our tours of Slovenia or here when we welcome choirs from Slovenia to visit and sing with our singers - with workshops, pub singing, concerts, walks and melodious international conviviality!

Our choirs Lakeland Voices and the Cautley Carollers also sing Slovenian songs - especially the carols at Christmas which have become firm favourites. You can see and hear me teaching the parts of these carols on and see videos of visiting Slovenian folk choirs (and ours visiting Slovenia) on

Lep pozdrav iz Sedbergha in upam se vidimo kmalu.

You can see videos of many of the visiting Slovenian choirs and also the English choirs visiting Slvoenia on my video website

See our music and dance together with the Pevke iz Brinjeve Gore on a recent visit to Zrece at:

See Slovenian and English choirs dancing together on one of our previous visits to Zrece at:

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