Settle Carlisle Carols Dec.8 2018


Steam train on Ribblehead ViaducT
We're steaming off on the Settle Carlisle railway this Saturday singing Folk Carols in 2, 3 and 4 part harmony with singers from several choirs (including Lakeland Voices, Penrith Community Choir, Bentham Voices, Keighley Road Jolly Wassaillers, and Settle Voices.) 
Don't forget to bring warm festive clothes, books of words, cheery voices, packed lunch to eat on train, flasks etc. 
Here are the times:

9am - workshop in the Langwathby village hall (a small village 5 miles east of Penrith.) - learning and revising the carols.
11:00 - singing in Langwathby station cafe with refreshments served.
11.43 - train south to Appleby station - and more singing!
12.33 - train south to Ribblehead
13:14 - southbound singers arrive at Ribblehead from Langwathby
14:05 - northbound singers arrive at Ribblehead from Settle - singing in station and in the Station Inn.
15:45 - all singers onto the southbound train from Ribblehead to Settle
15:59 - arrive at Settle, short walk to Golden Lion pub for singing with Janet Russell and Settle Voices. Drinks and soup available at the bar.
18:57 - northbound train from Settle to Langwathby - arriving c.20:30

I have a group train ticket - so please get in touch with me if you haven't already to let me know you're coming. 

Keighley Road Jolly Wassaillers at Ribblehead 

Settle Carlisle singers in Ribblehead Station

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